Fastening technology

Fastening technology


As reflected also by our slogan, CONNECTING has the highest priority. Whenever it is about connecting things, RECA is your professional partner. Our range of connecting fastening technology ranges from DIN and standard parts to riveting technology, plumbing and assembly systems to plenty of different screws. No matter whether you are active in the field of metal, installation or construction – RECA is always there for you as a professional partner.

Our quality products make your work safer. Many of our products have approvals in accordance with national and international regulations.


DIN & ISO-Parts - always connected!

KANBAN & VMI for your production - customized solutions!

We offer you modern services around your C-parts in the field of fastening technology based on our great variety of articles!

1. External drive screws and bolts, pressed screws(hexagon screws)
hexagon screws (UNC, UNF, fine thread), through bolts, structural steel bolts, mushroom head square neck bolts, high-strength friction grip fastenings

2. Internal drive screws (allen screws)
hexagon socket oval-head screws, hexagon socket cheese-head screws

3. Threaded pins, stud screws, set screws
stud screws, set screws, reducers, stud screws, ring bolts/nuts, eyebolts and screw plugs

4. Nuts  

5. Straight pins, tapered pins, grooved pins

6. reca sebS, self-tapping screws, plate nuts
facade building screws, raised countersunk head screws, screws for window boards

7. Self-cutting screws, wing screws/nuts
slotted panhead screws, wing nuts, wing screws, thread-forming tapping screws (Duo Taptite), slotted raised countersunk head screws, slotted pan head screws, thread-cutting screws, countersunk head screws

8. Wood screws and chipboard screws
wood and chipboard screws, dry wall wood screws, spacer screws, theft-proof screws, turbo screws

9. Washers and retaining elements
reca Lock bolts, retaining elements (cotter pins, spring washers, sheet spring nuts, serrated lock washers, spring cotters, Schnorr safety washers, split pins, …)
washers, sealing rings, O-rings (sealing rings, square washers, compensation washers, large diameter washers, …) chemical screw retention systems (Ergo)
10. Plugs and plug fastening
plugs, injection mortar, anchor bolts, heavy-duty anchors, handgun cartridge

11. Blind rivets and blind rivet nuts
blind rivets, blind rivet nuts, hammer rivets

12. Other fastening technology and elements
cable connectors, cable cutters, insulating screw joints, installation material (concrete clips, perforated foundation ties), hose clips, wire rope accessories, turnbuckles, stone bolts, wire rope clips, snap hooks, turnbuckle nuts, installation accessories, plug screws, fusion tails, brads, panhead screws, eye bolts and hooks (ceiling hooks), flat countersunk head screws, knurled thumb screws, steel springs (pressure springs, tension springs), lubricating nipples, etc., wood fasteners