RECA Twist Drills

RECA twist drills

Inspiring performance - technology taking effect!  Completely ground of one blank.
0624 HSS-PLUS "The classic one for steel"
Twist drill ground from the solid
 HSS quality from tip to shaft
 Sharpened tip and therefore
• better centring for absolutely precise drill holes
• less effort required and therefore more working comfort
• significantly longer service life because of optimum cutting conditions and thus cost reduction
0621 HSS-Co reca INOX "The  INOX specialist"
Raw material and geometry perfectly matched for stainless steel
• for materials difficult to machine
• with high share of cobalt and therefore temperature-resistant and inherently stable
• very precise and high stability due to reinforced core
• universally applicable due to special tip geometry
0620 HSS-O Ultra "The universal one"
Developed for cordless and/or portable drills
• steam-oxide coating for long service life           
• very aggressive drilling progress
• for various materials
  - aluminium
  - copper
  - plastics
  - steel
  - brass