RECA Plugs

RECA plugs

The reca plug range: At any rate a safe connection!

reca nylon plug RND reca multiplug RMU reca nail plug

the plug providing better grip -
for safe installation!


the plug providing better grip -
for all building materials!


of high-grade nylon (polyamide),
with steel nail

Mushroom head with screw nail 

Nail plug with connecting thread
M6 and M8


Cladding plug -
a specialist for high tensions


for fixing in: concrete, masonry,
compact plaster, wood, substructures
of roofs and walls


up to 50% faster than other ways
of installation


with yellow zinc-plated screw with
Torx drive / or without screw

Tox Trika plug with cap Tox Tri plug Perforated brick plug

suitable for building materials with
large cavities behind


for plug fastening in plasterboards
and hollow blocks


for perforated bricks, light-
weight concrete, plaster,
gas concrete (drilling without

Insulating plugs Metal universal plug reca express nails

ideal for fixing lightweight loads
in expanded plastic slabs


the solution for noncombustible
fixing in gas concrete


the rational lightweight
installation in concrete
and equivalent building

Jet Plug plasterboard plug  Metal cavity fixing 

fixing in plasterboards, lightweight
building boards and gas concrete

reliable stability - no "ifs and buts"
Metal frame plugs and combi plugs Ceiling fixing  

in window construction, interior
construction (door frames),


the quick solution for fixing in concrete,
natural stone, solid sand-lime
bricks and solid bricks

Spring toggle anchor and cavity toggle Brass expansion anchor  

for materials such as plasterboard,
chipboard, fibre-cement building
boards, cavity brick ceilings,
trapezoidal sheet, etc.


for fixing of heavy objects
in concrete, brick masonry,
natural stone, clinker,
sand-lime bricks,
hardwood, full blocks 

Anchor bolts B Hammer set anchor E  

for the medium-duty to heavy-duty
range, applicable in concrete


of galvanized steel and stainless steel
A4 for fixing of threaded rods, pipes,
mounting rails, suspended ceilings, etc.

Anchor bolt BZ plus Heavy-duty anchor SZ  

of galvanized steel and stainless
steel A4 for the quick and reliable
fixing of supports, girders, railings,
etc. on cracked and non-cracked


the power-controlled sleeve anchor for
heavy-duty fixing in cracked and
non-cracked concrete, available types:
with stud, with hexagon
head screw or with countersunk head

reca compound anchor Multi-Monti screw anchor  


for heavy-duty fixing, applicable
in concrete and pressure-resistant
natural stone (not licenced)



non-plug fixing with hexagon
head, countersunk head,
pan head or as stock anchor
with metric connecting thread,
also available in stainless
steel A4.

Injection system VMZ Injection system VMW  

 The reliable fixing in perforated bricks. The reliable fixing in perforated bricks.  
Injection mortar VM Multi    

Universally applicable 2-component
injection mortar for medium-duty
to heavy-duty fixings in concrete,
full blocks and perforated bricks,
marble, granite and most other
natural stones.


The reca plug range: At any rate a safe connection