RECA Kanban

Kanban/ VMI solution with all kinds of DIN/ISO-parts for your production - safely supplied, reduced costs!

C articles are just responsible for 3 - 5 % of the total purchase value - however C-parts are responsible for up to 80 % of internal administration and handling costs! Opinions for the high cost are many suppliers and orders. A- and B- article are responsible for the rest of pruchase value, but they are only responsible for 20% of internal administration and handling costs.


There are several containers provided for every article controlled by the kanban system. Together with you we'll define the fixed quantities per kanban containerand per storage/retrieval point. The piece number of the kanban quantities shall be chosen such that it is not used up while a container is circulating. Subseqeuntly the kanban container sizes are defined by Kellner & Kunz. The kanban containers and/or warehouse devices are provided with a customised label!

Your benefits:

Safe supply:
Absolutely process-sure with regular and plannable quantities.

Processes are simplified:
No additional ordering processes necessary! Reduced administration efforts and costs!


Example of label: 
- customer's article number (bar code)
- reca article number
- article designation
- storage/retrieval point
- bulk recorder level and
- refilling quantity etc.